Cape Breton Island / News

Amateur Islander?

Welcome home to Canadia! This time, we’re giving the East Coast a try.


Following a 38 hour road-trip through the Midwest and along the East Coast of the US with Lilly, we’ve arrived safely in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, our new home for a bit. I’ve accepted a sabbatical replacement position through May at Cape Breton University teaching Animal Physiology, Marine Ecology, Parasitology and Genetics.

Hopefully, the ladies will be joining us next month from St. Louis, MO. Until then, the sleepy ocean side town of New Waterford will offer respite until we can scope out the scene, determine where the best hiking trails are, and find a place nearby to call “home sweet home” in the Atlantic Maritimes.


First impressions? Cape Breton is a beautiful, pristine, natural wonder. They don’t call it “New Scotland” for nothing. The scenery surrounding the Highlands National Park is equally lush and rocky with expansive, rolling hills lined by cliffs and shorelines of sandy, white beaches. After a year lost in urbanity, the fresh, Canadian air is almost intoxicating. I can’t wait to check out the local routes and beaches and to explore more of what island life has to offer.



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