Cape Breton Island / Recent Adventures

Venturing out to Scattery Island


Lilly on Scattery Island, August, 2012

It felt good to be back in the thin skin of the diver’s suit muddling about in the brine and snorkeling through an abandoned freighter that had recently washed ashore on the picturesque Scattery Island, the eastern most tip of Nova Scotia. More importantly, in addition to observing the destructive power of the North Atlantic, we also completed a biological census on aquatic and marine iota. It was my first excursion (and major exhale) since my move to Cape Breton Island and my first observation of Atlantic lobster and scallops. Lilly tagged along, and was a huge hit with the ladies and Dr. Bruce Hatcher, Director of the Bras D’Or Institute for Ecosystem Research (I wish I could say the same, but she devours all the attention). Next up is a census of marine mammals on the northern tip of St. Paul’s Island. Lilly will sit that one out, but I’ll be sure to bring the candied ginger for Heather until she gets her sea legs. The days out to sea have been few, but quite choppy thus far.


Lilly the Shipmate



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