Pacific Voyage / Recent Adventures

Approaching Austrailia

[Excerpt from blog entry on Nov. 23, 2010 – Aboard IO, a two year Pacific crossing]

We approached the Australian coast just as the sun was setting over the Glass House Mountains North of Brisbane.NorthofBrisbane

We have sailed IO from the Northern BC coast, down North America, across to the South Pacific and all the way to Australia.

I counted how many miles we have come. I counted how many days we traveled pushing our tiny vessel to the opposite side of our planet. I have written about how many perfect anchorages we found, how many countries we visited. I have photographed how many fish we caught, how many markets we shopped at, how many perfect white sand beaches we walked. I have remembered how many days we feared for our lives, how many waves tried to break IO and terrified our minds. I have experienced what it means to fulfill a dream, to think it into being, to plan, to build, to begin, to endure and enjoy and finally, now, to end.


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