Academic Programs / Cape Breton Island

36″ from Neck to Crotch. Who Knew?


Bras D’Or Lake, Cape Breton Island, NS

You know it’s official when they request measurements. In this case, a total of 17 different precise measurements in odd categories such as “neck to crotch” and “pit to wrist bone” were required. Without a tailor’s measuring tape, we had to improvise.

Twine? Check.

Contractor’s tape measure? Check.

Patience? Uhhhhh, now where did I leave that?

Luckily, it didn’t take me too long to convince Heather that her twine induced sighs would be worth all the extra effort when my custom dry suit arrived from the manufacturer (that is going to feel like Christmas morning in May, I tell you.)

And, just why is said dry suit really all that necessary?

I’m delighted to have an opportunity to work alongside Dr. Bruce Hatcher and to serve as a research consultant for the Bras D’Or Institute for Ecosystem Research this summer, and well, lucky for yours truly, some fancy new gear comes with the gig. My new post begins in May,  and it will extend my time in Cape Breton through August. I’ll be diving the near the mouth of the Atlantic in the Bras D’Or Lakes.

I’ll be sharing more details on our research, marine exploits, and the Nova Scotia BioBlitz in the coming months as the end to my teaching semester at Cape Breton University draws near.


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