Cape Breton Island / Recent Adventures

A Moonlight Ramble Sans Pedal Power


Ski Ben Eoin Overlooking the Bay, Cape Breton Island

While in St. Louis, I looked forward to the “Moonlight Ramble,” every month held by the FBC (the F#*@ing Bike Club). Imagine a hoard of hipsters with their vintage hybrids, athletes with their street bikes and other garden variety bike enthusiasts descending on the streets, which are virtually vacant near midnight when we pedaled off toward Forest Park or some other scenic locale along the moonlit route.

To my delight, we stumbled upon Cape Breton’s version of this treasured tradition – sans petals, plus skis. One of the many gems on our happy, ‘lil, Scottish island is Ski Ben Eoin. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in majesty and program innovation. Our newest tradition includes latching on the snow shoes for the moonlight trek that happens every month during each full moon of the snow season.

Powder, moonlight and an ocean view? Yes, please.


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