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Halifax – Where the Odometer Meets Oceans Week

Another road trip to Halifax awaits us. I think I could drive the familiar five hour route from Sydney down the Trans Canada Highway with my eyes closed (on second thought, it’s best to keep at least one eye open at the wheel).

To what does me and my odometer owe the pleasure?

Well, it’s Halifax Oceans Week, and there’s a number of interesting topics and exciting guest speakers lined up for this year’s conference that I don’t want to miss. Check out the complete list of speakers and get other event details here.

Notably, I will be attending the Ocean Tracking Network’s (OTN) Symposium, “Canada & Beyond” on June 3 at Dalhousie University along with my colleague and mentor, Bruce Hatcher from the Bras ‘dOrs Institute. OTN Canada will present public sessions from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

As you may know, the international OTN (@oceantracking) is a major force helping to spread the use of the technology worldwide, with benefits for Canadian industry and the Canadian economy. The organization is a solid example of industry and scientific postercollaboration to help position Canada as a global innovator. OTN Canada is focused in three different arenas (Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic) to reach and respond to vastly different, but intrinsically connected, ocean ecosystems.

Monday’s talks will feature work from OTN Canada students and researchers as well as insight into links abroad from OTN global collaborators representing Australia, the United States and Denmark. With special invited presentations, the third annual Symposium promises to be an exciting behind-the-scenes look at biotelemetry and oceanography studies in Canada and beyond.

Also on Thursday, June 6th at 2 p.m. I will be at the Cunard Centre to catch a lively panel discussion and debate centering on the links between research and the private sector. Questions posed by the OTN: Where do connections need to be strengthened? Are industry-academic links vital to the Canadian economy? How are we supporting these connections to drive innovation in Canada?

Panelists include Aaron Fisk (Canada Research Chair, University of Windsor), Linda Pannozzo (award-winning author and researcher), Susanna Fuller (Marine Conservation Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre), Ian Thompson (Associate Publisher, The Chronicle Herald and former deputy minister of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism) and Christine Penney (VP Sustainability and Public Affairs, Clearwater).

Until the conference begins, we’ll be tooling about Halifax visiting some of our favorite, local spots while getting re-acclimated to our temporary stay in the dorms, our accommodations for the week. Frankly, I’m hoping to have a little bit better luck with dormitory life this time around. My first experience included an insomniac roommate who played the trombone in his boxers when he wasn’t scraping dirt from under his fingers (a Botany major). On the rare occasion he was asleep, his snoring sounded like a wounded warthog (all lies).


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