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Cape Breton – Part Deux

Friends, I have news.

While the tenure track position in Cairo, Egypt and other opportunities in Squamish, Calgary, Toronto, and St. Louis, USA were certainly alluring for many reasons, I’ve decided to accept a one year extension to my contract at Cape Breton University. There’s more work to be done professionally and personally, and I’m enjoying the opportunities to explore the island and to to learn under the tutelage of Dr. Bruce Hatcher, Director of the Bras d’Or Institute.

In the fall, I will be covering for another professor while he’s on sabbatical. I am super psyched to be teaching Genetics, Advanced Evolutionary Theory, Animal Physiology, and the History of Life. Lucky me.

Besides, as Heather so bluntly put it, “The Red Sea isn’t going anywhere.” You can bet that a trip to Cairo fits nicely into my (recently edited) “8 year plan”, and I’ll be exploring that area with full wind in my sails in my not too distant future. In this instance, the timing just wasn’t right for that particular leg of my life adventure.

A bit of additional time in Cape Breton also means that I’ll have time to publish more of my research, to visit and explore Halifax more often, and to pursue two very exciting entrepreneurial initiatives in the works. While it’s too early to divulge too many details now, you’ll be the first to know when the plans are formalized.

Cheers to new adventures, and to a decision (finally).


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