Cape Breton Island / Recent Adventures

Down Under in Cape Breton

I recently had the chance to explore the nether-regions of Cape Breton in the Skylight Cave with flashlight toting madmen Lory MacKenzie, Derek Hatfield, Ryan Poirier and Jonathan Guy. A big cyber high-five to Ryan for “finding” the hole in the earth and to the rest of my spelunking comrades for letting me tag along for the experience.

Skylight was described by Derek, a local caving guru, as “the most amazing cave I’ve ever been to in Nova Scotia,” and true to the hype, it offered amazing views – both above and below ground – of the little known and even less-well mapped karst topography found in the geological mixing pot of Cape Breton Island. When we finally reached the 1395913_696098180402264_1324921673_ninterior cave, it was a fantastical sight. Extended beyond the natural limits, I’ll admit, I fully expected the spiny Gollum to pop out from the slimy, archaic rock while seething, “My precious! My precious!”, or at the very least, I expected to bump into Peter Jackson in a repelling harness. No such luck, but the surroundings were begging for either encounter.

Sorry, but the actual coordinates of the Skylight entrance is a closely guarded secret for good reasons, including general safety and preservation of this pristine and isolated wilderness gem. However, if thoughts of exploring the bat-filled depths beneath your feet puts a smile on your face, then check out the video below which shows how we progressed through the underground labyrinth sandwiched between the gypsum karst and estuarine brine of the recently designated Bras d’or Lake UNESCO biosphere reserve on Cape Breton Island.



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