Yours Truly


Things I Might Admit To Someday…

My signature resembles a mountain range. Fitting, I think.

I feel most relaxed and at peace under the water, holding my breath.

I like the idea of owning a bakery someday, but I don’t want to work there.

I have a mole on my left ear that looks like a piercing.

Twenty years of education, and I’m still a horreble speller.

I have a nervous laugh. It’s my “tell.”

The love of my life was a K9 named Cleo.

I think exercising at the gym and making the bed are useless efforts. I do neither.

I am a bit neurotic about checking tire pressure on road trips. Five times is the record thus far.

I can type 65 words per minute, and I’ve mastered sewing.

I have 40 first ascents. I could care less about the quantity, but I just really dig naming them.

I sailed halfway around the world for two years after rebuilding a boat for 10 months. I named the boat IO.

I’ve lived in Lethbridge (CA), Filmore California, Lander Wyoming  (US) Katoomba, Sydney & Cape Tribulation (AU) Ban Maemu (TH), Bamfield, Calgary, Victoria & Sydney (CA), St. Louis (US), and Cape Breton (NS) – in that order.

My favorite books include The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged (Rand), Ishmael (Quinn), Hope For The Flowers (Paulus) and Alice in Wonderland (Carroll).

Like all good stories, my nickname “Blue” started with a girl (not with a mood).

If it doesn’t have an explosion scene or a fantastical angle, I probably won’t watch the movie.

I attracted the attention of an elderly lady in a supermarket after exhibiting what she referred to as,  “sample-platter valor.” Top that.

I have a tribal tattoo on my left shoulder and forearm from the Marquesas, one of several destinations on my maiden voyage across the South Pacific, and it’s also the birthplace of tattoos.

I ride a bright white bike with royal blue tires to work as often as possible.

My partner has nicknamed said bike “Liberace.”

I was recruited to perform in five professional operas because they needed “tall guys in the chorus.”

I’ve been told I always sleep in the Superman position.

I rely on my best friend to buy me new argyle socks every year for Christmas.

I prefer riding horses sans saddle.

I was raised in a train car on a horse ranch in Alberta. No, really.

I took ballroom dancing lessons. The lesson? I have two left feet.

I think killing animals in the name of food is far more noble than killing animals in the name of science.

I believe the way to a man’s heart is through home-made baked goods.

I have few possessions that I can’t live without…but, I can’t go long without admiring my prized set of cooking knives.

I unintentionally missed my senior prom.

I had a conversation with a black bear on the beach. It went like this:  “Bear, you go that way. I’ll go this way. Don’t eat me.”

I got sprayed by a whale while relieving myself off the side of the boat. Serves me right.