Primoris Amore

While trekking through the snow-capped back country of Alberta, Canada, exploring the Rocky Mountain Alpine and shepherding wild horses on my father’s ranch, or perched high above the valley of the Grand Sentinel, where I was, so would be the divine Cleopatra. She was a fierce, majestic creature, and a loyal companion. I was with her when she came into the world, and I was the last person she saw on her way out of it after fourteen years and a myriad of adventures together. I am terribly indebted to her for years of camaraderie and love. Her photo now sits atop my headboard, her spirit and memory live on in every step my hiking boots take and every puff of wind my sails catch.

Cleo the Great - 1992-2006

Cleo the Great – 1992-2006


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